Families and Parents

Families and Parents

Parent Coaching and Parent Child Therapy

Parents and children may experience difficulty in their relationship in the form of impaired bonding and difficult interactions. While a parent may deeply love their child, they may feel that the child is somehow a stranger and that they don’t know how to interact with them. These issues often arise after a long separation or after a time period of severe stress during the child’s early years. For parents with depression or anxiety, bonding and interacting with a child can be especially difficult.

Our therapists will intermix sessions with the parent alone and the child alone but will primarily meet with the parent and child together. The therapist will interact with the parent and child while they play together and will provide coaching and modeling for the parent in terms of how to better interact with the child, bond with the child or handle difficult situations such as oppositional or aggressive behavior.

Co-parent Counseling

We work with divorced or separated parents who need assistance working as a team to parent their child. This is not couple’s therapy but a combination of coaching and mediation to help parents cooperate toward their child’s success and happiness.

Please visit our Adult Individual Therapy page for more information about individual work for parents.